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-- as told by members --

Back in the MOHAA days, Ricky and Brody were members of the Devil Dogs, but decided they wanted to form their own clan. They got together with Bones and formed [SealTeam6] in April of 2002. GR81 joined soon after. Special K joined the clan in June 2002 and this has been his one and only home since jumping into the online gaming community. Ricky is Brody's real life cousin. Ricky did go to BUDS training but didn't finish as he broke 3 ribs and was washed out. Brody was in the Navy but never had any SEAL training. UDT2112 however was a member of the Underwater Demolition Team which later became known as Seal Team Six.

Some of the first members of =ST6= were: Bloodshed, Spiff, Sloth, Reznor and Neonator.

When Special K joined the clan in June '02. Ricky was FADM at that time. After Ricky stepped down, Bones was made FADM and he promoted K to the ADM ranks shortly thereafter. Bones left, and so, Bloodshed became the next FADM and stayed in that position for a long time. It was after he left that K became the next FADM. That was also the first time we had a major split, with lots of Seals leaving to form the Warmongers sometime in 2003 (first clan split). DaWizzad was next in line for FADM and Spiff's time came sometime after. The FADM. position kinda became known as a curse around here, as most Seals that have taken the position have left.

As a recruiting tool the Battle Royal was held.
(Info gathered, below, from an old post by BigDaddyDan about the Battle Royal.)
Battle Royal: December 01, 2002
Time: 8:00pm
Equipment Required: Mohaa, a microphone, the program Roger Wilco

Channel Assignments for RW:

Password: iwant2bseal
Who: Chest, Brock, Deadpool, 7.62 freak, Midnight, Whiteknight, Orange Pack

Password: iwant2bseal
Who: Devastator44, Deadman_Walking, Eddie Torrez, Oz, Major Pain, Jigga, Capt.Crujiente

First Map: V2 Rocket Facility
Second Map: The Bridge
20 minutes for each side for a total of 80 minutes.
Password for server: domination
Players vs. SealTeam6 members, with several members in observation mode.

Those selected to become SealTeam6:
Deadpool, Midnight, Devastator44, Deadman_Walking, Capt.Crujiente

Other notes:
-- Deadman_Walking changed his name to Deadman when he joined.
-- Major Pain changed his name to Pain when he joined
-- 7.62 freak absolutely ate up the first map, V2, on both sides, racking up double digit kills and leading by at least 4 kills both times. On the second map, he had three unfortunate grenade explosions, taking out most of his own team. He had to bust his ass just to get back to positive numbers. Needless to say, this was not something that can be overlooked and he was not chosen to join SealTeam6 after the Battle Royal. He was crushed. He changed his name to BigDaddyDan and rededicated himself to making this clan. Like Cain on the front step of the Shaolin Monastery in Kung Fu, he quietly waited for an opportunity. After another month of pounding the SealTeam6 membership, they gave him a private running to try to prove himself. The rest is history.

NastiNazi and Polaris joined the clan in June 2003. They were swim buddies.

RedSkull - also know then as Thor, now retired, joined after Rock and BigDaddyDan. He was here before Nasti and Polaris, so sometime in between these two events, sometime in late 2002/early 2003?

SgtSlaughter joined in late 2003.

Grimgrinch (now Grim) was playing in the ST6 MOHAA server in March or so of 2003 along with SrDrew at the time (just before the Warmonger split.) They later picked up COD and joined a few of the members that were playing COD because they liked the graphics and game engine better. They were finally recruited by Rock and Chaos(not Capt.Chaos) in Feb. 2004 in COD. When asked what took so long to join they said "We held out as long as we could. We knew there was no going back once we signed up". SrDrew has since retired.

The last clan split was in 4th qtr of 2004 and called themselves |EGG|. We called them "eggheads". Several of the members that organized the split were Chaos, Tsunami and Lonestar. They renamed themselves DoubleDrive, Lionshare and Highroller.

Over the years we have seen many members come and go for various reasons, but we are still here and call this home!

SEAL Team 6 is actively searching for PC gamers looking for the ultimate experience. We are a well-established 18+ Only clan, dedicated to First Person Shooters. Would you like to dominate the competition in Battlefield 3? Then check us out! We emphasize personality and a good attitude as well as teamwork. Stop by our Game Servers. Chat with us on Teamspeak. See how we can enhance your on-line experience.

SEAL Team 6 is not a realism clan. We use a US Navy based ranking system, but it's just for fun - you will never have to call anyone "Sir!" We have members from various countries - there's no requirement that you live in the United States. So what are you waiting for?